Centuries ahead of 1984.

In 1978, Sequential Circuits shocked the world with a synthesizer control panel that could recall saved sounds.


By 1984, synth designers had perfected the digital-recall analog panel.


Almost four decades later, the best control panels are hardly different from the designs of the 1980s. We still have to choose between quantized LED rings and analog dials that can't reveal saved settings.


So we started from scratch, and built a front panel to end all front panels.



Endless Dials... Analog Style.

Every function has its own dial.


As soon as you touch one of the solid aluminum knobs, a 12-inch colored bar shines through the black-glass panel to reveal the current setting with more precision and smoothness than analog dials could dream of.


And every dial is endless, so settings never jump. Our high-resolution encoders are manufactured by Alps in Japan. They feel as smooth as old-school potentiometers felt when they were brand new.

Leading in the Material World

A musical instrument can be a lifelong investment, and striking build quality is almost as important as the sound itself. We’ve seen a lot of front panels, but we’ve never seen one carved out of jet-black solid glass.


The controls are all physical, with silky-smooth dials and heavy-duty mechanical switches. But labels and indicators shine through the panel with a soft futuristic glow.


The classic wood side panels of vintage equipment were also due for an upgrade. Ours are beautifully hand-finished by an artisan woodworker. Naturally, you can have them in any color you like.