Relic newsletter: NAMM 2024

Hello everybody!

At Shear Electronics, we are committed to the idea that an analog synthesizer
can deliver the best performance and the best user experience.

This week at NAMM 2024, we unveiled the absolute cutting edge of our development effort.
It really is a dream synthesizer.
And we’ve finally reached the point where our hardware design is ready for production.

One of our first interviews from this weekend was just uploaded to YouTube a few hours ago.
We’re really excited about the sound of the Relic, and we just wanted to make sure you hear it from us first.
So go ahead and check out the video!
You can find it here:

System overview:

Voice Core overview:

The Relic has evolved a lot since the original prototype from 2017.
We’re really proud of the result, and we’d love to hear thoughts from every single one of you.
So feel free to reply to this email and tell us what you think!

By the way…
This week, we’re launching a new homepage at
We’ll try to update it pretty frequently, so please tell all your friends about the Relic,
and make sure to check back every few weeks!