More videos from NAMM 2024

At Shear Electronics, innovation will always be a very high priority. The Relic may have started life as a “clone”, but it has evolved into something far beyond the vintage synthesizers that inspired its existence.

This week at NAMM 2024, we unveiled the absolute cutting edge of our development effort.
We did a couple interviews, to show off some of the new features we’ve developed over the past few years. Here’s a quick collection of links from NAMM 2024. But it’s probably not comprehensive, so feel free to do your own research!

RockoN Report

One of our first interviews from this weekend was just uploaded to YouTube a few hours ago.
We’re really excited about the sound of the Relic, and I think our enthusiasm comes through pretty well here.
Itaru at RockoN did a fantastic job with the interview. This is a really cool video because it uses the direct audio feed from our system and mixes it in with the live sound from NAMM 2024. Be sure to check this one out!
You can find the article here:

And here’s the video:

Sound On Sound magazine

The very first interview to go online was also the last interview we recorded at NAMM 2024, about an hour before the end of the show on Sunday. The audio is a little distorted due to the loud show environment, but it’s a great demo, so it’s worth watching anyway.


We knew that Sonicstate would probably be coming over on Sunday for a quick demo. We didn’t realize that Jim Heywood from Earmonkey Music would be taking over the controls… and the keys. The result is an amazing 12-minute display of analog poly magic.

Sonicstate decided to let the synthesizer speak for itself. So there’s no interview here… just the raw sound from the Relic. If you haven’t seen this one already, just go on YouTube and search for “NAMM 2024 Shear Electronics Relic No Talking”.
Or click here:

Synth Anatomy

Way back at NAMM 2017, we did a video interview with Synth Anatomy. Synth Anatomy wasn’t at NAMM 2024 to film a video, but they wrote a great article about our launch. You can find it here:

    Synth Anatomy: Shear Electronics Relic, multi-timbral Oberheim OB-X clone, full specs and NAMM 2024 demo

Future updates

Of course, we’ll try to update this page as everything starts to pop up.